Friday, July 29, 2005

Pet meme...

Khadijateri tagged me last month , I promised to do it and somehow ended up not, well Khadija it is up now hope you'll forgive me ;) and thank you for remembering me .

1. What is your favorite type of animal that you have had as a pet?
2. What is the strangest/most different name one of your pets has had?
Calling one of the budgies "tutut"
3. Describe something bizarre that one of your pets has done.
The cat would enjoy toying and torturing cockroaches to death then putting them next to his plate every morning as if to show me what a good boy hunter he was.
4. Have you ever eaten dog biscuits? (or other pet related products?)
5. Have you ever let your pet sleep with you?
6. Do you take your pet on vacation with you?
7. Have you held memorials for your pets?
Are you kidding ? no we do not do that, though I cry everytime I look at photos or videos of my dead pets
8. Have any of your pets worn clothing?
No :)
9. Do you feed your pets before you feed yourself?
Yes always.
10. Does your current pet resemble you physically or temperamentally?
Absolutely not he is so cool and gorgeous ;)

I am taggind Alan, Sandmonkey and Tareq...

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just found out that you tagged me, will post answers to it soon