Friday, July 08, 2005

Safe and Sound

I know I've been silent for a week now, sorry about that , this is a short post to thank all my friends, family, loved ones and bloggers who texted, phoned or emailed me. It seems I have a knack for premonitions, why did I go watch a play about terrorism in London ? talk about Karma....hmm

What happened was tragic, that is all I can say, and I kept thinking that Russel square is my favourite place and I always take the tube from King's Cross :(

Anyway for all those wondering about me, no I was NOT in London today. I've been back home for the last few days, I'm just busy with some personal issues. Your prayers and good wishes are needed.


Twosret said...


I would have been worried sick if I didn't know you were not in London.

Glad you are home and safe. Keep blogging from libya so we know more about Libya and it's wonderful people


removedalready said...

I am glad that you are safe & sound. There are no safe places to go these days, how pathetic! Take care

Louise said...

These extremists are nuts. What gain do they think will come from this?

How many innocent Muslim men, women and children were among those who died needlessly yesterday, just so the rednecks of the world can more confidently blame it all on Islam.

Will the impoverished nations of Africans or passionate environmental scientists be happy that the spotlight was turned away from the summit where their righteous issues were being discussed by the very people who have the power to make a difference?

As you say, Highlander, you could have been one of those mangled, dismembered bodies being pulled out of a train today. I wonder how much longer it will take for the good men and women of the ummah to organize and not just put their voice in the growning chorus of righteous people who condemn this lunacy, but be the leaders.

tarhooni said...

7amdullah 3al salamah

Anonymous said...

I am also glad you are in the safe and quiet Tripoli Highlander. But very sorry for the innocent Brits who had to endure this terrible attack.

If the criminals are muslims as they claim, would they think that prophet Mohammed would have approved of their barberic act.

No Way. To the soldiers going to a predeclared war he says: don't kill a woman or a child. don't disturb a warshipper in his cave. do not cut a tree .....

He also said: I shall be the prosecuter in the hereafter of any one of you who hurts a "person of the book" .... namely a christian or a jew.

These mad acts with "maximum media exposure" terrorism are too misterious and too serious to be the work of a rag tag army of mad outcast fundamentalists.

Starting with the 9/11 attack I think that these serious events are part of a grand scheme intended to derail the world from entering the third milleneum.

And send it back into the "first" milleneum ....... i.e. 1000 years ago ...... the time of the crusades. And I am afraid that the true perpetrators seem to be succeeding.

Some day the truth will come out.
It will be too late, as it was too late to prevent the first crusades from taking place, But the truth will come out sooner or later. As you cannot fool all the people all the time as the chinese say.

I cannot be more explicit than that.


Anonymous said...

Twosret , thank you ..sorry I have not been able to blog recently ..too much on my plate to chew.

Anonymous said...

red_enclave, thanks ...eventually we all have to die one way or another, that is my philosophy so I don't worry anymore about safe or unsafe places.

Anonymous said...

Louise, the extremists or whoever has planned these attacks obviously think there is something to be gained, this is not random behaviour but a masterplan ( as DM suggests)and the puppeteer steering it is clearly having fun at our ordinary folks expense.
Just the timing should give us an inkling...I'm very suspicious but I reserve my thoughts until further clarifications.

Thanks for your good wishes for ummah leaders Louise, I am confident the ummah will come to its senses and not just wait to be given the chance but seize the opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Tarhooni, shukran , rabi isalmek..

DM, I know what you mean , rabena 3ala almuftari wa ghadan li nazerihi kareeb mix two sayings ;). Also the Egyptians would say: " ya khabar il naharda bi fluss bukra bi balash".

Anonymous said...

I like your philosophy about life & death Highlander. I can't agree more.

If you read the latest news, you find some support of the grand conspiracy theory on this matter.

The latest is that the 4 bombers did not know or intend to kill themselves and that they may have been lurde into their fate by their still mysterious manipulators.

Police say that they all had purchased return tickets and they had all their identification papers & credit cards on them which is contrary to the behaviour of suicide bombers.

The truth shall come out eventually, especially when the highly capable British Scotlandiard is involved.



removedalready said...

somehow, it's hard for me to believe that they actually did it! How did the US intelligence knew about the egyptian guy? Did they (the American intelligence) actually were involve in tis? Trying to give us muslims a bad name!

Highlander said...

you see what I mean red_enclave this thing is bigger and more sinister than it looks ....but I don't want to be accused of being a conspiracy theorist..

Louise said...

Obviously, it takes more than a handful of disaffected and alienated youth to undertake these kinds of operations. They are but tools in the hands of some larger well organized and well funded movement.

It was not just the kids who blew themselves up that I was referring to. The folks at the top are the ones who apparently think these tactics will be something other than self-defeating.

Obviously, they don't care whether or how many innocent Muslims happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. If someone imagines his cause is just, this is surely the most stupid strategy he could possibly choose to advance it.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Highlander. Thanks a lot for the kind words though my wife says she begs to differ about the whole “good head on his shoulder” thing ;) Anyway I don’t know if you got a chance to see it but is up (very initial still) Maybe you could change the first link to direct there? Also if you are interested we could use some help. So far its me Two, Iraqi Expat, a lady from DC a guy from Montreal, two in Egypt and my brother in Paris (very international eih) If you are email me at onearabworld(at)