Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Bad Boss vs Good Boss or how to get even ?

Recently I've been thinking about a radical shift in career goals especially that in my place of work it looks like I've reached the highest level for that line of work, so unless there are other responsibilities which would enable to move upwards , this was the end of the road. I already got an offer from somewhere else , but I'll tell you all about it another time.

Anyway this thinking process has led me to the issue of managers. I was blessed since 2001 with a boss who can only be described as your worst nighhtmare. I mean what are your avenues if you won't sleep with guy, nor flatter him , nor be his little mouse , dorrmat or snitch ? Very very difficult situation ..threading on thin ice there.

So I used to read career advice online and collected the interesting stuff. I tested them on him at times, and finally my efforts started working. Unfortunately he has left a year ago, yet his bad legacy remains and will need a lot of patience to be got rid, because the others do not have the guts to do it. Which basically means I'm still kind of stuck in that limbo, and so I'm reading all those interesting links to strategise. he he he . Poor new boss does not know what will hit him.

"unless you’re independently wealthy, you’re probably not in a position to tell your boss to take this job and shove it. What can you do if you get a boss who’s the biggest obstacle to doing—and enjoying—your job?"

Well "survey results indicate that approximately 40% of employees have had to deal with a bad boss." There is a fantastic website which has grouped everything about your boss from hell, you can check theirr forum, comments, tips, support groups and so much more and it is appropriately named ' badbossology ' :

" provides the latest news on bad bosses along with relevant resources to assist people in:
-Understanding and analyzing their boss to develop an action plan
-Protecting themselves safely
-Reducing their boss's power over them
-chieving career success in spite of their boss.
-The site is also relevant and useful to corporate and ".

Once I was so angry at my boss that I dreamed I had sent him a fake anthrax letter. I relished in my imagination how he would open the envelope and what would he think when he saw the powder. But I never got past the stage of imagination ...

Did you ever think of taking revenge from your boss?


KhadijaTeri said...

I'm really lucky that I am basically my own boss. But the home front is another story - I like to think I am in charge there, and I probably would be if I lived in another culture... sigh . . . hubby still runs the show. I'm gonna look at that website and see if any of the tricks work on him. . . hmmmm . . . anthrax letter? lol

Anonymous said...

Khadijateri, my dear you are definetely in charge even at are just humouring the guy. Most Libyan women are in charge and you are just as Libyan as any Libyan woman ( and I mean that as a compliment ). Yes go explore the ideas they have on the site... but anthrax is purely mine ;)

LadyCroc said...

Khadija, the trick is to make hubby believe he is in charge - it will make him happy. Husbands don´t mind their wives being in charge, they just don´t want to admit it to their wives.

Bosses? Try The Avenger´s Handbook

Anonymous said...

Safia that site is really nasty :) I may try a few things myself ..