Friday, March 17, 2006

Highlander : US Secretary of State 2008 ?

Following Ms. Rice's visit recent visits to the ME , Lebanese ( some claim Syrian) journalist Jihad el Khazen who writes in Dar Al-Hayat ( a Saudi owned paper) published the following open letter urging Dr. Rice to run for President .

Excerpts "[...] I support you for president. It would be wonderful if you win; you deserve it as you have more brains than George Bush and stronger morals than Bill Clinton, without delving deep into the American presidency. In addition, the presence of a woman at the head of the only super power in the world will be a boon to women in my world who are still short-changed of their rights. My third reason is that you are better than Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld."

His letter contains a lot of advice on US foreign policy towards the ME should she get into office.

El-Khazen is accused of being a pawn of the Saudis (thanks Vox), and from his numerous articles he is obviously fixated on the neo-cons. Yet though it gets boring in the end to beat on the same topics of anti-Bush, his style is always humouristic and fun to read and I do check him regularly as he gets one to think in 'other' directions.

So this is a great letter, I love it! ...

Now Dr. Rice if you run for President in 2008 I want to be on your team and run for US Secretary of State . Trust me having me on your side will give you prime seats in the ME. It's either that or I have to go to Team Hillary .

Ok it should be feasible I have about 2 years to carry out the plan ....right?


programmer craig said...

You have to get in good with the campaign though! I'd vote for Condi... I really hope she runs. She's the only one in the Bush admin I still trust. Bush lost my support when he tried to push through that DUbai port deal. That, and the fact that people like Raed can immigrate to the United States after being an Iraqi blog-cheerleader for insurgents. Bush wants me dead. Either that or he just doesn't give a damn. I used to trust him... I thought he was sincere, even though I didn't think he was very ABLE. But not anymore.

Really, I think that's a great idea. I support you in that :) You may have to set your sights on 2012 though... it takes some time to get in that good with a leading political party :)

khadijateri said...

uuugh! Just what the world need is more of Bush's cronies running things. Hasn't the world had enough?? Condi . . . uuuuughhhhh!

programmer craig said...

Who would you prefer, Khadija?

Hasn't the world had enough??

It's none of the world's business.

7mada said...

Well if the U.S. classes itself as a 'super power' and implies that it will tackle 'global security’ of course it has got to do with the world.

Twosret said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Freaking way!!! Enough!!! Please this is too painful to live with Condi for another 8 years!!!

Ya Rab Please NO!

Highlander said...

Twosret , vote for me then , I'm starting to lobby as of now by 2012 I should be in the white house.