Monday, March 27, 2006

Vacation in Tunis

Greetings from Tunisia , I'm on vacation here so blogging may be spotty, which does not mean you should not check my updates or send me emails or comments :)


ANGRY!!!! LYBIAN !!!!! "AMERICAN" said...

HIGHLANDER!!!!! BE CAREFUL!!!! Tunisia is crime central. Watch your bags!!!!!! Tunisian's unlike us Lybians are very greedy, they have no fear of god, or code of honor. They will steal anything, anywhere. I have much experiance. Not even the mosques are free from the wrath of the theives. i had my shoes stolen, while I was their on vacation last summer. BEWARE they overcharge forigners, and the Taxi drivers, I had all of my bags stolen, when I was coming from the airport. I got out of the taxi, and the dude just speed off, he did not even take his fare, he just took off with all my stuff, I guess he figured, it was of more value, than the fare. I went to the taxi regulation office, and I filed a report, of course that was insane,they did not even take it seriously, they just sat around smoking their hoopkas, "Well call you if we find anything buddy" i went to the airport and filed a report, that was a even bigger mistake, the head of "airport taxi regulations", (well that's not what it is called, but thats preety much what it is)was the biggest theif I ever met. He is the duchbag, who is the head of the theives, they bring everything they have stolen to him at the end of the night and they divide it amongst themselves. And if all of this is not bad enough, I find out that Lybia is responsible for building their roadway,that is we paid for the roadways, of course we can barley drive. just joking. ANyway look how clean their roads are and look how shitty ours are, we don't even have traffic stops, I can think of about two their is one in the city, and their is one near the airport. This could have changed, I was their 9 mounths ago. Whatever.

7mada said...

ANGRY!!!! LYBIAN !!!!! "AMERICAN" Take it easy!

Highlander said...

ALA => I'm sorry you had such a bad experience in Tunisia. I'm sure you know that there are good and bad people everywhere. Personally my experience here has been excellent, but then I must admit that I have been taken care off since my arrival at the airport.
About taxis it is common sense never to get down before letting the driver bring your bags out . That means wait for him to get out of the car first before you do . !
My advice , don't simply trust people.Libyans are still simple and sheltered people...Oh and I know about the roads.

Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoy Tunisia, I trust that you will not fall into any simple traps. But I thought you went there on duty not for R&R. How come you travel away from the eclipse? There might not be too many chances to catch one.

Anonymous said...

I mean of course
Cheerz from Waw an Namus!

khadijateri said...

Angry!! lybian !! american - I LOVE Tunisia! It's great there and we always have a wonderful time andhave never had any problems there.