Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Naughty stuff

To lighten things up after all the depressing reading , why don't we take this quizz ?

Are you good in bed ? Come on take a peek don't be shy .. you can be anonymous for today if you want ;)

while you are at it you can check the Bedroom Blog ..

My best friend and I were discussing that I got pretty 'tame' readers , so no one will dare to do the test. Well we shall see who will win the bet my friend or I .


Twosret said...

LOL say hi to your best friend and tell him/her that he/she is losing already :)

KhadijaTeri said...

Aaaaahhhh! Nice idea - I took the quiz and scored high as I expected ;) - while my score was being calculated I was treated to an advert for pantene - are they trying to tell me I should go wash my hair?

Please post the male version of this quiz so I can have the man/men in my life take it and find out whether I'm wasting my sexual energies or not lol


Anonymous said...

This test is thoroughly sexist: I tried daring to do it... only to find out at #2 that I'm being asked about guys in bed and pleasing him. So, I had to quit at that point.

Not that I'd believe too much in Cosmo's tests anyway :-).

Twosret's back!!! Where's Craig?! I'm missing the good old fighting days when the cartoon clash was at its peak!


Anonymous said...

Twosret !!! yay you're back , you were MISSED . As for the friend , how would you know the friend has not taken the test he he he ?

Maybe you should take it too eh ?

Khadijateri, you got the advert ? I got that before even taking the test , I'm not sure there is a male version. To change the gender of a test you can turn the questions to make them fit a male. It works results are gender neutral anyway. I am sure you are NOT wasting your sexual energies I hear Libyan men are good in that area , however maybe it is urban legend ;)

NBA , NBA, never quit just change the gender of the question and answer it as if it was 'pleasing her ;) ' do you problems with that ? come on it will be fun ..
You just love a good fight don't you . Yes Twosret is back and Craig is around :) . I have one more cartoon post just for you to get your teeth into .
But it's not as if my blog is lacking controversial subject is it what about the other posts ? I'm sure you can find someone to pick a gentlemanly fight with he he he.

KhadijaTeri said...


KhadijaTeri said...


Anonymous said...

Tried to be brave and text my limits of personal tolerance... and followed Highlander's advice to do it in a gender neutral way... went through it and didn't even really check the questions or what I answered and to which result? Now Cosmo's telling me that I'm a, tralalalalaa, five star sexmate!!! Anybody else done that? Does everybody get that evaluation or just me? Somebody could please tell that to my ex-girlfriends and make them believe it??!!??

Highlander... Now you should pick up your old idea of a dating service from your dusty byte archives... you have someone here who's eagerly waiting for fan mails from Middle Eastern beauties willing to know a man who's a five star sexmate according to Professor Cosmopolitan's scientific study LOL.

Whatever credibility I had in Cosmo is now lost because of the above... Hi guys, maybe this is simply a way to boost the readers' self-esteem by telling everybody who mostly clicks the middle button because (s)he's too lazy to read more (s)he's that five star?

As to the other subject, yes, Middle Eastern blogs have generally calmed down compared to what they were some weeks ago. There are good points in that, too.

***** NBA

P.S. This is really Freudian... Now the word verification demanded from me below is "aahips"... WEIRD. Or am I seeing body parts everywhere and if so, is that what makes me five star LOL?

Highlander said...

NBA guess what my verification word last time I posted a comment was 'jewzss' - I'm not joking !

And no not everyone got a 5 star ranking by the way - I haven't finished the test yet only 1/2 way trough ;)