Thursday, March 16, 2006

Libyan-French nuclear deal

You are not hallucinating. Three years ago we give up our WMDs and what happens? we start to eat the carrots. Last year France offered to help us with nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. As of yesterday Libya and France have a signed agreement.

"This accord represents a qualitative leap in relations between the two countries and proves that Libya has transformed its weapons of mass destruction into constructive weapons," Public Works Minister Maatuk Maatuk said at the signing ceremony."

I don't know who is getting the better deal and where would be the limit?


Omar said...

soon enough Libya will be blamed for making weapons of mass destruction.. and then sanctions will follow. Libya will get rid of their nuclear facilities. Then Germany steps in and signs a nuclear accord with Libya. The pattern couldn't be clearer ;)

Safia speaks said...

A deal with France?

Uh-oh! I remember in the 70ies when Libya stroke another weapons deal with France. Libya bought some 1000 military binocolars for equipping guns. The French sent 1000 theatre binoculars!

highlander said...

Yes Omar I can see the scenario :) welcome to my blog ..

Safia , I don't know why we keep falling for the same stupid traps !

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to learn this news, because I am an opponent of nuclear power. I remember how Bulgarian authorities concealed the Chernobyl disaster in 1986. Several days after the explosion, when the radioactive clouds reached our skies, people and children were forced to march at the May 1st parade under the rain.
We actually have a nuclear plant and are told that it produces the cheapest electricity. Of course, if you do not count the subsidies for nuclear electricity (or any other heavily subsidized product), it will always look the cheapest.
Our nuclear lobby wants to make more money by building a second nuclear plant. It will be located near a nice historical town. For that reason, the town has been stripped of funds for decades: let's leave it with no infrastructure, no jobs, no future, so that people move somewhere else and the victims are fewer if the whole damn thing explodes.
When arguing with people brainwashed to believe that nuclear power is a blessing, I ask them: After you approve nuclear power, would you send your brother or son to dig uranium? The answers: the uranium is produced in Russia, the miners are convicts and so on. As if "the others" - Russians or prisoners, are not human beings.
However, peaceful nuclear fission has also a good side. Exposure of humans to radioactivity is expected to cause cancer and genetic disease and, consequently, to improve our understanding of these processes. As the old saying goes, science requires sacrifices.
Maya Markova, Bulgaria

highlander said...

Hi Maya, thanks for your input , I'm really sorry to hear that your gov is ruining a perfectly pretty historical town for a nuclear facility. I personally do not think that having a nuclear plant is a very brilliant idea for us as I'm sure the health and safety checks on it will be less than rigorous . The French will make a lot of money and we will end up with radiocative detritus in our country...*sigh*...that is if do not get accused of making WMD again as Omar above suggested ;)

Anonymous said...

I fully agree. The French developed nuclear weapons without need (because no one of the other nuclear powers was threatening them), causing cancer to many islanders by nuclear testing. Then their government filled the country with nuclear power plants (I wish to know where they put the waste) and did as much as is possible under democracy to conceal the Chernobyl aftermath. They wanted to build a nuclear plant in Iraq, and now in Libya. This desire to export nuclear technology sucks. I see here not only greed, but also the wish to make your problem everybody's problem (like STD-infected people making unprotected sex).
I wonder whether somebody in Libya is trying to produce solar electricity.