Saturday, March 03, 2007

Top 3 Highlander fans for February 2007

(1) Programmer_Craig
(2) Nomad
(3) Chris in Manitoba

and runner up is Lebeeya :P

compare with last month


NOMAD said...

me ?

I thought mainly men would be :lol:

as far as the invisible Craig how does that come he is number 1 ?

Highlander said...

LOL because he keeps reading my blog in silence like many of the other men/women :) LOOOOOOOL

You know who is truely invisible ? my fan from Israel :P

programmer craig said...

Yay! Still number one!

Nomad I still read this blog and a couple of my other favorites even when I'm on hiatus :)

NOMAD said...

yeah, the ones which piss you :P

Anonymous said...

"yeah, the ones which piss you :P"

Who are you talking about nomad? and how do u know who pissed her or not if they are silent? maybe they weren't wrong in accusing her if you've known about it? and others have known about it ? and how do u know who started? just because somebody respects somebody and choses not to harm him and show somebody else what wrong has been done to him doesn't mean he is wrong maybe, he has other reasons?
But some people confuse being nice with being naive it seems they aren't used to being respected ?

حسبي الله و نعم الوكيل


NOMAD said...

I should have precised, it was addressed to Craig and with a :P

Anonymous said...

is plural craig is one I'm not naive as I said and that was directed to highlander too, but I like seeing her friends slip up like many typical libyans she despises so much, but I won't show all the slip ups yet :p.
And why would the ones which piss Craig be his favorites?

And you addressed her she replied then you replies again Craig was only confirming his appreciating for winning he didn't get involved?

Anonymous said...

"And why would the ones which piss Craig be his favorites?"

ones here refers to blogs.


NOMAD said...


scuse me, I don't want to enter in your polemic

Anonymous said...

nomad don't apologies I should thank you actually, oh and by the way how do you know of my polemic and with whom it is with? you know the meaning of the word right ? It gives away more than you wish:

1- an aggressive attack on or refutation of the opinions or principles of another.
2- the art or practice of disputation or controversy

but do continue please :)

Anonymous said...

of course I know you could be refering to you and me, but I don't think so.

NOMAD said...

hehe, if you feel it that way, may-be the interested people your refering will tell ya, it's my french humor, and it doesn't mean more !

Anonymous said...

of course its humor; like that of the interested people, but what is the basis of the humor? and you know that what some might find funny others might find offending?
and again your comment isn't the only one:p and it is the least obvious as I said :
"and others have known about it ?"
but i don't want to rat out the snitch :p

and what makes you think I'm talking about myself or only myself?

Lebeeya said...

Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost made it to the top 3 list... Runner up is good enough for me lol

Thanks :)

Highlander said...

you're welcome Lebeeya :P nawarti !