Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Libyans in the middle

I’ve been so engrossed lately in the Lebanon ongoing destruction , and the Gaza invasion , that I have neglected the Libyan blogosphere, and have not been able to participate in the comment section with my readers, thank you all for the comments of whatever type, the threads are still open and I do read them , and I hope to be able to reply to your questions in subsequent post, although a lot of comments were dialogues or heated debates beween you so do not need my attention ....

Note: Lebanon is taking center stage because as a crisis it threatens to draw the whole Middle East into a black tunnel, more so than Iraq which is slightly removed ( not minimizing Iraq here, I’m aware that more people are dying daily that in Lebanon ).

However, in my tour of the Libyan blogosphere, Lebanon catches up with me and I discover that some Libyans are suffering/have suffered angst about their families stuck there under Israeli bombs.

* First Hanu, her son and daughter are on the road running for their life, Ennis and Juju and she hopes to get them to safety.

*Safia has a good ending for us , after a few days someone managed to get her son and daughter safely to Amman.

*A.Adam’s mum and other family members are caught in the fighting in South Lebanon, though she has managed to send him a quick email when she had some electricity recently.

*AngloLibyan’s mum is Lebanese and he has not heard from his family there .

Last time I prayed for all the victims of war, today I would like to focus on wishing my fellow Libyans that they be united with their loved ones ASAP.


Anonymous said...

this email was sent by an English woman to BBC online:

Added: Wednesday, 26 July, 2006, 11:46 GMT 12:46 UK

The British Board of Jewish Deputies give full backing to Israel. These are the same people who always bang on about the Holocaust. Never again will I watch a Holocaust documentary, play, movie or TV special produced by Zionists Jews who clearly have no regard for the life of anyone that isnt Jewish! You people demand sympathy, yet commit genocide? Shame on you and shame on those politicians who are too gutless to stand up to you.

Samantha, Ealing

Anglo-Libyan said...

Thank you highlander for your support, i have heard recently from my family in Beirut, they all have left their homes and are living in a somewhat safer areas but they told me that it is still very dangerous where they are and asked me to pray for them, they were a reasonably well off people but now they are homeless.

Anonymous said...

I think all of us share the same opinion, i.e. that it is terrible if civilians are suffering (since soldiers are human, too, we might extend that to anyone suffering).

Therefore, all of us must see the bombing of Libanon with horror and sadness.

However, I am not so sure how Israel could have reacted otherwise.

Ok, Arab diehards will now tell me that they could collectively commit suicide or emigrate to somewhere else. But without kidding: What can they do? Their civilians are being intermittently shelled by people in Southern Libanon, now those same people come to Israeli territory, kill and kidnap people. This is clearly a casus belli.

I don't see any anti-Hizbollah demonstrations in Libanon, and the Libanese state did nothing to disarm them before. So while trying to keep my neutrality, I do think that Israel must do something to protect its own population.

If I am mistaken, please tell me how Israel could have reacted otherwise and more sensibly (but please refrain from posting "going away" or similar, I want serious comments).

Non-Blogging said...

I was positively surprised that the comments the Libyans you referred to receive are civilized - not that kind of disgusting crap that why did you go to Lebanon in the first place blahblahblah.

I do take the death of an innocent countryman who was a UN observer quite hard although I don't know him and even his name hasn't been made public. What makes me sick is then the utter lack of empathy some people are showing for the killed and their families, in case the latter ever read the forums I do (I doubt it).

Check for example, and I believe it's not even the worst one of its kind.

I almost wish all those hatemongerers and bashers lost somebody dear to them and then got these sickening accusations to their faces.

What's wrong with us human beings..?

Great to hear that the Libyans seem to be safe. Say a prayer from me too, Highlander. Might be more effective from a Muslim than me ;-).

programmer craig said...


I almost wish all those hatemongerers and bashers lost somebody dear to them and then got these sickening accusations to their faces.

Maybe they have. Maybe they've lost a loved one, and seen their enemies dancing in the streets in celebration. Have you asked? And have you ever wondered how Israelis must feel when they see Palestinians celebrating a successful suicide bombing on innocent jews? Or when arabs say things like "there are no civilian israelis" etc, etc, etc?

I pray for the safety of all the truly innocent. But I understand very well where the hatred comes from. I've seen people celebrate the death of friends of mine. I've even been subjected to seeing arabs BRAGGING with great pride about having killed friends of mine, on television. It's not a nice feeling.

Non-Blogging said...


I liked your point and understand your feelings. I honestly think if anyone in his senses has lost a loved one in an intentional killing, he shouldn't enjoy the misery of others in the same situation. Celebrating the deaths of innocents is utterly disgusting and tasteless. I certainly understand your feelings and those of Israeli relatives of suicide bombers' victims.

That's exactly why I felt so sad reading Big Pharaoh's blog. People in faraway comfortable offices read about unarmed observers killed and the first thing that comes to their minds is not sadness but accusing the observers of going to Lebanon in the first place, criticizing the UN for pedophilia, drug smuggling and general inability to do anything.

Sure the UN can be blamed for all that but can't the stupid bashers just shut up when people not charged for the above are killed apparently doing their best.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Highlander,
I do hold my breath for Hanu and hers. I also say a private little prayer. Have you had any news?

And for all fellow bloggers:

Highlander said...

Thanks all for your wishes , now I need to get 3 people's of mine too out of the middle-east - crossign my fingers !

Anonymous said...

Good luck in getting all of your loved ones to safety.

May it happen speedily.

Anonymous said...

"Judaism is the belief in revelation at Sinai. Exile is punishment for Jewish sins. Zionism has for over a century denied Sinai revelation. It believes that Jewish exile can be ended by military aggression." -Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss

Akram said...

Thanks higlander and all. let just keep pray for them all