Friday, July 14, 2006

Stomping my feet

This blog welcomes comment from all parties but what I will not stand for is to hijack the comment section for personal attacks.
Freedom of expression does not imply freedom of insult. It is not my policy to censor comments and usually I let you be rude to me because I can cope with that. But the fact that I am nice or indulgent does not mean that I'm a fool, although I have many readers it is my commenters that I value a lot because you guys and girls rock and stuck with me for a long time , becoming family. I cannot stand seeing you feud with each, if this is going to happen I will either have to moderate the comments - which is not fun and spontaneous, or close the comment section.
If you have issues or problems try email- it works too.

I have put back the post that I removed 24hrs ago to prevent a crisis, but minus the comments for fairness sake. Please observe these rules from now on. I will reply to the reasonable comments which I know you painstakingly wrote.

Thank you.

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