Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Ranting about the Gaza situation

By popular demand I bring you a controversial post. Please make the discussion heated but civil ;)

You think I'm ignoring what's going on in Gaza ? nope, however I'm not surprised that is why I have not mentioned it at all. The most I can say is to repeat the words of a friend of mine 'both parties have blood on their hands now , they need to wake up and realise this for peace to become possible'.

Methinks with things being as they are nothing is going to be solved for a long time to come. Maybe we should just stop caring about Palestine and let Israel crush them? Is that it ? That is the best solution? no heartache and no feeling of guilt anymore. Just carry on like the international community - look the other way -I might just do that . Here is what may be my last rant about it( ps I reserve the right to change my mind of course) - I'm done with heartache. When you can't beat them join them.

These are interesting excerpts from Alarabonline. I would be interested to hear the opposite arguments....

"What the world is offering the Palestinians is a deal they are obliged to
refuse – even at the point of Israel’s murderous war machine. They are being
asked to legitimize their own dispossession as the price of living
unmolested on
a few isolated patches of their ancestral land."

wake up every
morning and thank God I am not a Palestinian. These
descendents of the ancients
who gave us the Abrahamic liturgy that still
enthralls the hearts of half the
human race are being crucified because of a
weird cult of Zionist ideologues who
are delusional enough about their
fictional ancestry to lay claim to Palestinian
land and Palestinian
prophets. "