Friday, July 07, 2006

Round up

Just a few annoucements:

(1) If you've left comments in some older posts I've replied to you on the same thread. I may not see them immediately but when I do I reply.
(2) Reader Myriam from Malta is back on the blog , welcome Myriam and Mabrouk on baby Amnah. And so sorry to hear about your father in law.
(3) Our very own NBA has a blogger profile now go check it and click on it !
(4) I'll be in London next week if you want to get in touch with me email me and send your phone number. I'll call you when I get there. :)
(5) Blogging may be erratic.


AlanK said...


glad your cat is ok,

also have fun in london, watch out for heatwave which is hitting the uk right now, might find it cooler in libya

as for erratic blogging mine cant be beaten for that

programmer craig said...

No fair! You linked NBA's profile in your post!?

Everybody click on this! :

VIP profile

Are you going to eb online at all in Britain, Highlander?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi dear Hi!

This is quite off topic but I have been wondering about something for a long time, in fact ever since my visit to the Land of the Green Flag for the eclipse this March.

Do you Libyans make silly jokes about your neighbouring countryfolks and their stupidity? Could you please tell us a few?

For example Swedes/Norwegians, French/Belgian, English/Irish or do them.

Here´s one that Swedish children tell about Norwegians:

Guy walks into a brain-shop.
[Every joke should star like this!]
And he ask the man:
"Any nice brain offers today?"
"Sure, this one belonged to Albert Einstein, special offer today $2000. Or perhaps you would prefer Mahatma Gandhi $1700"
"Well, what about that one"
"Oh this, some Norwegian guy. It'll cost ya $80000"
"Why so expensive?"
"Never been used!"

Anonymous said...

And purr-haps, if you have a few such jokes, why not start a new thread for them :)

Non-Blogging said...

Craig, I fell in your trap! Not the first time I clicked your profile though. This time it was # 3332.

Way above my figure I suppose but hey, it's the quality not the quantity of the people who click your figure which counts ;).

How does this Highlander girl travel so much? I'm really envious. Me too!

UmmAminah said...

Thank you, Highlander.

I've only just created my blog -

Well, not much time to post with a new-born baby, but....

Thanks for your condolences; Very sorry to hear about your grandmother. Inna l'Allahi, wa inna lillayhi rajaoun