Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Update on the cat

This is good news to share with all of you , she ( the cat) is out of danger and her eyesight is saved ! I treated her on my own better than that' world cup watching , I'm busy at the beach vet' . I will never forgive and may send the Highlander curse to him !

Maybe I'll go study medicine . .. what do you think ?

Now her torn eyelid is healing , but at least she can see and most important - no infection. yay


Twosret said...

7amdAllah 3ala Salamet Katkoota, mabrook ya doctora Highlander. I'm seriously glad to know she is doing better.

Please send her our best wishes and purrrrrr :)

tommy said...

Good to hear.

There is a 24-hour vet clinic about 45 minutes from where I live. My Doberman has had to make a few trips over the years to that clinic. A clinic that is open all the time sounds like something some enterprising vets in Libya might want to consider.

Twosret said...


You have a doberman :) I heard they are extermely affectionate. I never had a real dog, mine were either a teacup poodle or a sissy cocker spaniel.

NBA said...

Great to hear and hope the vet you tried to get first sees his favourite team lose big in the World Cup!

I just read in the morning paper that we even have a a veterinary ambulance here, imaginatively called, hmm, Animalance. Highlander, I don't know your current profession but in case you want to try something else, at least you sound like a professional self-made vet (who doesn't decline going to help during the World Cup).


programmer craig said...

Good good! Now please don't let her associate with those nasty cats from the street anymore :)

AngloLibyan said...

good news, well done to the kitty :-)

Highlander said...

LOL Twosret thanks habibti - I'm glad she's better too.

Hi Tommy, my favourite dog after the German shepperd is the Doberman, I want one now ! but I think the cat won't appreciate him. She gets too jealous and possessive .So far she can only stand the turtle !

NBA , yes hope his team looses I'm so angry I feel like going and poking my tongue at him- I may change my profession one of these days.

Programmer_Craig, so far she is following the rules no leaving the house after sunset ( just like a good girl ;) ).

AngloLibyan :) thanks - and long time no see.

A.Adam said...

finally here is a good news after alot of bad news in my day! I agree with you if you have the time to do study medicin go ahead for it :).

Leilouta said...

Mabrouk!!! How about a picture of the cat? :)

Highlander said...

Thanks A. Adam and Leilouta :)
By the way Leilouta if you want a photo email me and I'll send you a photo of the cat :) You'll love her I'm sure.