Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Danish-Libyan blogger , dating sites etc..

I could not resist this , just saw it on Khadijateri's blog , it seems we have us a Libyan blogger in Denmark yay... please go and welcome Safia and fill her comment section :) ...

Now as for the dating thread started by our one and only Craig who is trying to set up Arab Lover NBA... well maybe we have us a gold mine here :) spreading love ? we can even turn it into a separate link , any ideas are appreciated .. I can do the matchmaking just send the profiles and photos.

Also Bad weather = bad phone= no internet : psst keep a secret I live in the outbacks :) so I'm not ignoring you guys , just can't keep up with all this at the cyber cafe.

Please continue discussing in whichever thread you fancy .


AlanK said...

here also had bad weather, had thunder/lightning, torrential rain and finally hail stones

will be interested to see what you write that got cut off

Non-Blogging Anonymous said...

Make love, not war!

This is incredible. In earlier threads we really argued the cartoons and hated each other... and now we're talking about the weather.

Seems that the world is very, very calm now. That's not what blogs are for LOL.

Perhaps I need to start finding provocative topics again.

A dispute a day keeps world peace away LOL!


AlanK said...

non-blogging anonymous

here in uk that is something that gets talked about a lot you know

Anonymous said...

Safia's blog is too much for me; and because Highlander still tolerates me, I remain here. I learned that Mr. Bluitgen's book about Prophet Mohammed has been published, after all, although the illustrator is anonimous. Folks in Denmark, has anybody read this book? If so, please post a comment whether it is a comic book, as Safia wrote, or just a book for children, as non-Muslim sources say. And please mention in your comment whether you are Muslim or not, this is important.
Maya from Bulgaria

programmer craig said...

Maya, Mad Canuck has a post about that book... take a look.

Mohammed Cartoons: the children's book

I think it's intended to brainwahs kids against Islam, myself, but you be the judge :)

Oh, I'm an American Christian. And I don't have any problem with that book being published. I'm just wondering why - what's the purpose of teaching kids that a religion is bad, or scary?

Anonymous said...

Programmer Craig, you seem to miss my point. As far as I know, the book is published only in Danish so far. Do you speak Danish? Does Mad Canuck speak Danish? Has he, have you actually read the book? Nobody says this. You say one thing, I may say the opposite, we can argue till Kingdom come about what we actually cannot know, and the war can go on for exactly as long.
I appealed for comments of this kind: "I am... (a Dane Christian, a Dane Muslim, a Muslim guest worker in Denmark etc.) My knowledge of Danish is... (native speaker, excellent, good, etc.) I HAVE SEEN AND READ Kare Bluitgen's book about Mohammed, and my impression is..."
Get my point? Without a declaration that you have actually read the book, any stetements about this book are of very little value.
During the Soviet campaign against dissident writer Boris Pasternak, Soviet papers were full of letters like that: "I haven't read Pasternak, but, like every Soviet citizen, I am enraged by his writings..."
Why return to this obscenity?
Maya Markova, Sofia, Bulgaria

programmer craig said...

Maya... I'm not Danish... if you really want to hear from only Danes, why not ask on a Danish blog?

I think the pictures speak for themselves. I mean, really, what text are they going to put with those pictures that that makes them other than what they are?

That said, there have been a couple Danes posting here on Highlanders blog, maybe they'll weigh in.

My position is simply this:

The cartoons were offensive, but they were legal.

The book is offensive, but it's legal.

The outrage has been expressed in a largely criminal manner, and the criminals should be punished. So should any regime that tolerated or encouraged the violence. Iran and Syria at the least. Sanctions? Yes I think Sanctions by the EU are justified. Breaking off diplomatic relations is justified.

The EU should take action against STATES that have imposed a boycott, because that's EU law.

Your opinions seems to be that the cartoons and the book were not offensive. I can't go along with that.

However, I'm not Danish and I'm not even EUropean, so what the EU does is up to them, not me. I'm just sitting here voicing my personal opinions.

Anonymous said...

Have anyone stopped to think how the danish people feel about having millions of angry muslims threatening them, burning their flag, beating up people?

The danish people had nothing to do with the cartoons, yet they are being targeted; by people who is frustrated that thet themselves are being targeted through their prophet... This doesn't seem right!
The muslim world should demonstrate their anger, peacefully, against the newspaper - but have shown to the world, the lack of tolerance and ability to look at oneself! It is now known by anybody in the world, that muslims regularly prints antisemithic cartoons much worse than the muhammad cartoons: The hipocrasy is very evident, yet the muslims just keep burning in their uncontrollable anger...
Nobody really understands your reaction; though we talk nice to you to try to calm you down - like you talk to a child thats having a fit!

Cant you see you are hurting your religion?

Anonymous said...

Safias blog really sucks!
So biased, almost hate!

Anonymous said...

Programmer Craig, is my English so bad that you keep missing my point? Safia wrote about Bluitgen's text, not the illustrations, so it is the text that I appeal to be commented. Safia was quoted on this blog, not on a Danish blog, so it is this blog where the matter should be discussed. As for the images, I cannot see them. I follow the link but see only inscriptions that the images presumed to be there have violated some rules. But at any rate, to believe that these images are indeed from the book, I again need a statement from someone who has seen the book. Have you forgotten that good-hearted Danish imams in order to inspire Muslim violence against Denmark produced 3 fake cartoons more insulting than the original 12?

highlander said...

Hi Maya, does saying that I 'tolerate' you imply that you feel guilty ;)
As long as you are not insulting to others on this blog then that is fine I do not censor are welcome to my blog in the hope that we all come out having learned something useful, leaving our prejudices and suspicions of others aside.

I pointed to Safia's blog because she actually lives in Denmark, she obviously is a Danish citizen and speaks Danish. Therefore she knows I think a little bit more than us (unless you are fluent in Danish too ) on the matter. Does the fact the she is Muslim of Libyan origin make her not valid ?
She did say she would leave if things became intolerable.

Anonymous said...

Highlander, yes, I do feel guilty. I sometimes write hastily while being angry, and so use harsher words than I intend. Perhaps you mentioned that I recently posted 2 almost identical comments, the first containing the words "good-Muslim paranoia". Well, I first wrote it, then preferred to delete these words, but I had already posted the uncorrected version by mistake. Possibly I'll explain in some later time what I mean by paranoia, but without explanation it is mere insult.
Also, I regretted the end of the same comment. I should be very careful with such texts on a blog hosted in Libya. Some American or British could be excused to write such things, but I am a Bulgarian, Bulgaria until 1989 had many similarities to Libya, I am old enough to remember 1989, so I am supposed to know better. I hope never to do more mistakes of this type. As for Type 1 mistakes (insults), I am likely to continue making them from time to time, but I find honesty more important than politeness.
Safia most likely is fluent in Danish, but I do not trust her.
I want also to say 2 words commenting your earlier post that we Europeans hate Islam. Muslims must make a choice: either to put us on our knees by violence and intimidation, or to be liked by us. No way to have both.
Of course, I know that not all Muslims are the same. But remember that "the other" Muslims are with us in this crisis. They called the protesters "retarded", not we.

Highlander said...

AlanK , oh we had the hail last week too :) I'm posting part II of the series today the way Tripoli weather is becoming more and more like British weather...I am actually starting to miss the sun here ...never thought I would say that .

NBA, oh let's keep the world quiet for a little; even warriors need a rest. However, I'm sure you know there are plenty of controversial topics out there, the Iran file, the Lebanese file, the Syrian file , Hamas etc...:) now I'm sure it is more fun to set you up with a sweet lady right?

Craig thanks for the link will go and check it and I do agree with your point yes .

Anonymous said...

It's me again, sorry for monopolizing the blog, but I feel I have to explain why I do not trust Safia. Not that she is Muslim of Libyan origin. But I read about the life of Kare Bluitgen, saw his photo, and it is hard for me to see this man is a holy warrior. It is most unlikely that he would write a book to make readers hate Islam. This could be the case if I had written the book, but hardly with him.
Look at Safia's blog. "Proud to be Muslim"? I think one could be proud only with his own achievements. A convert could be proud to be Muslim, but if you have been brought up as a Muslim since birth, it cannot be your personal merit. Besides, what exactly is she proud of as a Muslim? That she 5 times a day repeats how superior she is to wicked infidels like me?
The rest is trivial health and personal matters, and I do not understand people who engage other people with such matter.

Non-Blogging Anonymous said...


Do you think Arab women prefer calm or angry Western guys ;-)? And are they themselves cute when they're angry..? LOOOOOOOOOL!


Plzzzzz everybody now insult me for being a macho... I'm NOT one but that we're almost at peace with the secular West / religious East debate, I guess we need another endless war here LOL.

OK, let's simply forget my kidding.

Highlander, can you or anyone else here recommend some Libyan or other Arab music to me? I've recently grown used to it and love (most of) it. I'm not looking for very traditional stuff but current pop stars. Need to get more music, I've listened to the stuff I have in my collection too many times already.

Make music, not war LOL.

Maya, your comments are interesting (I'm not saying I always agree with you though). What I like especially is that you've this pre-1989 East European perspective here which the others here lack in their private lives.

Non-Blogging Anonymous said...

By the way, it might be again that the period of calm (at least in this blog) is over now... According to the latest news I've heard the death toll of the anti-cartoon riots in Libya is 11.

Sandmonkey has, once again, a clever post on this and the other new developments.


highlander said...

NBA I knew you would not let it rest would you ? well yes I do have a post coming up on this ... you will have to be patient a little I just woke up a couple of hours ago ..Sandmonkey my dear friend seems to be up at all hours of the day :)and night !

highlander said...

Maya , thanks for the good feelings and explanations, I knew you did have a conscience :) ..It is ok about the anger, some can keep it other's depends how one can channel this anger : constructively or destructively. Also thanks for understanding , I knew you would remember pre-1989 it still does taint one's perceptions right ?

Anonymous said...

In case of another Type 2 mistake, please feel free to censor me :)