Sunday, February 26, 2006

Is he cheating on you?

While browsing for some info for the projected dating site on this blog ;) , I came accross a hilarious website and could not resist sharing it with you. Basically, if you're dating someone and wish to go one step more in serious mode then you can check him out on this site which hosts photos and info of men who had cheated on their women. i.e.a database of offenders I would say lol . The women get to post here with all the details . So guys maybe you wanna check you are not on THAT list eh ? ..maybe we could start such a website in Libya too ? but I'm afraid to see the results .

Anyway check out Don't Date Him Girl " is changing the way women date! Browse our search engine of cheating men right now! This controversial site has been featured on MSNBC, the Today Show, ABC News and Entertainment Tonight! Finally, a way for women to check a guy out BEFORE dating, marrying or otherwise committing to him! Warn other women about the men who have cheated on you! ".

They even have a blog.


programmer craig said...

Only 5 guys named "Craig" are cheaters, and I'm not one! Yay! And nobody with my last name is a cheater (which I know for a fact is not true!!) so, girls, hurry up and update that site! Do it for woman-kind :D

Anonymous said...

All well and good but when are us guys going to get a psycho-chick database?

Highlander said...

LOL Programmer_Craig you actually went to check ?

Anonymous 6.52 AM, maybe you should start the database,

Non-Blogging Anonymous said...

You guys actually know Cheaters?

Honestly, one of the worst tv series ever. One of those you don't know if you should laugh or cry at... Though it's a longish time since I last saw Cheaters. It kind of started repeating
itself ;-).

Craig, this is what I got back with my real given name:

There were no men found in our cheating men database. Please try to narrow your search and try again.

So, all my dearest Arab girls, it's time for Highlander to have some action for her dating service ;). Me and Craig could be successes in case non cheating men are still valued ;).

Highlander said...

Absolutely NBA you and Craig would be valued ..however we have clearly established your interest in Arab girls ...we need to establish Craig's interest don't we ?

Meanwhile look at the choices in those links he sent you and send me an email with your vital statistics details ..profile etc... age ...maybe we can set you up.
Oh my God never thought I'd be a matchmaker.

Non-Blogging Anonymous said...

Highlander, I'm not taking this very seriously - I just like getting back to this dating topic over and over again ;). Perhaps for the lack of fresher things to say.

So, you can forget about being a professional matchmaker so far. I don't know your real life job but anyway, don't let yourself be sacked ASAP wishing to earn $, £ and € from matchmaking ;).


Hannu said...


What's going on? Turning your blog into a tabloid thingy? ha ha ha!

Let me distract you from matchmaking, cheating dudes, Olla whatever... go to Ly-Hub; I'm interested in reading what you have on the topic.

Highlander said...

NBA I know you're joking man and so was I , I hardly have time to blog let alone run a matchmaking site.... lol my boss would fire me if he knew I worked on my posts on company time at times ..though I never check blogs at work.

Hanu I went there and you can see my reply thanks for bringing the subject up.

Mohamed said...

Anon @ 6:52,
Absolutely and completely agree with you about the psycho chick database, it's seriously getting so common and out of hands now, that the best thing to do is try to develop your own psychodar.