Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Saudi paper publishes the cartoons ?

...and is shut down because of that...that's not the whole story please read here .
( I still can't believe that Sandmonkey has not given us his lowdown on this ).


programmer craig said...

Got this link from Sandmonkey's blog just now.

Court issues fatwa on cartoonists

The Indian government has just sentenced those 12 cartoonists to death, and has issued a Fatwa for muslims anywhere to kill them, anywhere.

Why has the UN not brought India before the Security Council yet? They have just broken international laws in so many ways I canot even count them. India should face sanctions over this. The judge must be charged with conspiracy to commit murder, and if any one of the fatwas is carried out, he must be charged with murder as well. Then there's the human rights violations. The violation of Denmark's sovereignity, which is an act of war. The state sponsored crimes against Danish citizens, another act of war.

Where is the justice? United Nations: do your job.

Mad Canuck said...

Hi Craig / Highlander,

Sorry for spamming your comments section, but this article from the Times of India has enough relevance I'm going to repeat it in its entirety here:

LUCKNOW: Two little known Shariat courts have joined an Uttar Pradesh minister in prescribing death for the Danish cartoonist who sketched a cartoon of Prophet Mohammed but have found little endorsement from prominent Muslim groups.

While one fatwa was issued by the Irada-e-Sharia Darul Qaza on Monday, another was issued by the equally unknown Ifta Firangimahli Taksal on Tuesday.

Both have interestingly been signed by Maulana Naimul Haleem Qadri, a member of both institutions. However, he has found little support in Uttar Pradesh, which has a considerable number of Muslims.

The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) said the fatwa had no meaning.

AIMPLB legal adviser Zararyab Jilani said: "The board has nothing to do with these fatwas; but even if we consider that the Shariat does prescribe death penalty for anyone committing blasphemy with the name of the Prophet, such a fatwa would have legal sanctity only in a country governed by Islamic law."

Northern India's widely respected 300-year-old Firangi Mahal has also dissociated itself in no uncertain terms from the fatwas.

Firangi Mahal head Maulana Khalid Rasheed said categorically: "Let me make it clear that Firangi Mahal, which is among the country's oldest institutions authorised to issue fatwas, has nothing to do with the fatwas issued by some organisation which has given itself a name similar to ours."

"A fatwa can be issued only when a formal reference is made by someone before the authorised institution; and a 'darul qaza' (Islamic court) can issue a verdict only after hearing both parties involved in a dispute."

In other words, some quack in India setup his own kangaroo "Shariah" court, gave it a name similar to a real Shariah court in order to fool people, and issued a "fatwa" condemning these guys to death. I'm sure there are a lot of Indians (Hindu, Muslim, and otherwise) questioning the sanity of the guys behind this makeshift "court" right now.

programmer craig said...

Mad Canuck, I read that article when Sandmonkey posted it, and replied to it there. If India allows Sharia law in India (which it does) then they have to take responsibilty for rulings that those Islamic Courts make.

Furthermore, that disclaimer seems to be saying that the death sentnce can (and probably WILL) be carried out on those cartoonists if they ever end up in a muslim country.

India must charge the people who issued those Fatwas with conspiracy to commite murder.

If it doesn't, India should face the UN Security Council.

MC, why do you taking the side of barbarism, every time. I thought you considered yourself to be civilized?

This needs to be condemned. Condemn it!! Give it a try, it's easy!

Mad Canuck said...

Hi Craig,

I agree with you on this one: the Indian quack who issued that "fatwa" deserves to go to jail for it. Advocating someone's murder is, and should be, illegal.

Here is another blog post you may find interesting on the topic.