Friday, February 10, 2006

Of Clouds and Silver Linings : Thank you Jyllands -Posten ...

'Every cloud has a silver lining' ! The same goes with the Danish caricatures re. Islam, Muslim but most of all Prophet Muhammad ( hattip Mad Canuck ).

Are you shocked ? well don't be and allow me to explain why...after all I did promise to weigh in at least one more time on this subject.

Following a week of controversy, anger, questions, diplomatic, embroglio, protests, deaths, childish behaviour, threats and so much more , we have OD-ed on this topic. I think the most shocked are probably the Danes as they seem not to know what hit them. I'm really sorry guys that you had your baptism of fire so to speak (no offense meant) in such a way, though I deplore the torching of embassies and such I think you are extremely lucky that so far only Muslims died accross the world.

However, there seems to be a misconceptions at the root of all this, as I mentioned my first post on this sorry issue , the Western world seems to think that Muslims are offended because the Prophet was represented despite a religious edit which prohibits this action. I hate to repeat myself again and state that although this could be technically correct it is not true especially in light of the 'sudden' revelation that an Egyptian paper had already printed the cartoons in October 2005 in an attempt to demonstrate how negative the portrayal by Europeans was of Muslims and their beloved Prophet ( Kudos to Freedom For Egypt and Sandmonkey).

I'll elaborate some more but I need to take this in baby steps. First do check a letter by Safia Libyan Muslim in Denmark ( which I found on Khadijateri's blog), excerpts : " I followed the issue from its very start in September 2005; a loony communist writer proposed to fill a wagon with qurans, then shed some menstruation blood on it (his name is Kare Bluitgen) - he declared he wanted to irritate Muslims for fun (he called it ART!)Nobody took him serious and he was ignored for a while. Then suddenly he declared he wanted to make a comic book about the life of our Prophet Muhammed (SAAS). He could not get anyone to draw the book, though. That started a discussion in the newspapers about why no one would draw the comic - Bluitgen claimed that Muslims had intimidated artists from working on the book. When journalist ridiculed him, he suggested to bring some comic drawings in the media to "test" the reaction of the Muslim community. The rest is history... " . She does not feel comfortable anymore and has made plans for an eventual return to Libya.

For all the talk about 'press freedom that we have been deafened with, and also the controversy brought up in the comment section about the Holocaust and it being an off limit topic to European ( and western) journalism and press and anyone in this world and it being IRRELEVANT to freedom of the press , I must wonder about this other anectode then and I quote "The Danish daily turned down the cartoons of Christ three years ago, on the grounds that they could be offensive to readers and were not funny". ( courtesy of The Guardian). That just makes my antennaes twich why the double standards dear folks at the Jyllands- Posten ?

I still maintain that as published by Jyllands-Posten and then deliberately reprinted by several European papers and taken further by bloggers and even American pundits ( Thank you Mad Canuck again for putting Michelle Malkin in my path ), the intent was and remains to hurt Muslims in an attempt to shake off the very real collective subonscious fear of Islam. My position also remains unchanged that the Muslim world had the right to be offended and seek retribution in a CIVILIZED manner as per the original principles of Islam and not what has been done in its name during the last week.

Moreover, I have personally seen and read about these cartoon on a French website back in September 2005, and did not think they were newsworthy or deserved to give them any publicity of credit ( because that is what their owner wanted ). This had opened my eyes from the illusion I had about Denmark, I knew that there was racial problems in France and Germany but did not really worry about Denmark. Now in my eyes all of Europe will be lumped toghether in this same pot - Islam haters at a deeper level than I thought. This sounds so radical does it not - although I am striving to keep an open mind - this is just my gut feeling at the moment. I know it is not true, as I have lived in Europe for years and tons of my friends are Europeans, also I've seen the genuine responses and feelings from Europeans on this blog and on other ME blogs and can evaluate their lovely emotions and sincere questions. I don't, won't and can't blame the European or the West. Why ? because this mess is our own.

The issues are beyond being a devout Muslim, the real issue rests in the fact that many Muslims have lost touch with Islam, the real Islam ( but that is not the problem of the West and none of their business, it's the Muslim's to work out on their own). The Muslims however are aware of their deficiency and some are looking for a way out of it. This to me explains why the Egyptians did not rise and riot when the Danish caricature were published in their own press - because simply not enough people from the easily influenced simple mob read about them. You can ask the Sandmonkey himself :) , who reads the papers in Egypt ? Is the thrashing threatening mob even litterate ? So the cartoons in Egypt newspapers passed beningnely because only a few thousand literrate people read that Al Fagr issue and understood the implications, which in their opinion ( and mine) would not warrant a boycott of Egypt or that particular paper precisely because it has OPENED their eyes to what for example Jylland Posten thought about Islam ( I'm not going to insult the Danes and say they all think this way). I believe that those Egyptians who read Al-Fagr were satisfied that it exposed this issue. Their sense of offense if any would be towards the Danish paper and NOT their own paper who was doing them a FAVOUR by reporting on this. So I disagree with Sandmonkey when he states that 'and not a single squeak of outrage was present' . SM, the outrage was already expressed by the paper. It is elementary. It would have been the cue for the Egyptian civil society then to move on with steps to make known its outrage overseas, if they they thought they were offended Not doing so was a big mistake. My only excuse to justify their inaction is that we have been used over the decades to being the recipients of abuse and offense from the West for a variety of reasons, and one more cartoon about Islam only comes to increase that list. What many of us Arabs are not used to is how to go and complain and write to your mayor, senator or whatever to stand up for your own rights. The 'ignorant' mob whose only fault is a love of the prophet was blissfully unaware.

However, the Danish Muslims, who were raised in a 'democratic' country knew better, and when they did not get the response they wanted from the Danish governement they went to seek the support of good old Saudi Arabia, because they know how influential that would be. I think they did not calculate this hysterical backlash, but only were thinking about getting some cash and maybe diplomatic pressure, and so they stuffed their file to make their case better. Due to the respect and love that Mecca and Medina hold in the hearts of Muslims everywhere, any crazy utterance which comes from a Saudi official would be taken seriously by ordinary Muslims. and extremists alike because half baked knowledge is more dangerous then ignorance. That needs to be changed by the way - as the Saudis ( not the populace) don't necessarily have the welfare of the Muslim world on their mind .

The culprits in this standoff are, in addition to the staff of Jylland Posten -who knew what they were doing- the Danish Muslims who went to fan this thing, which was then taken advertised with the petrodollars and that's how the Muslim street FINALLY heard about it and how the extremist exploited the Muslims mobs gullibility. What surprises the Muslim though is the matter of the boycott and that it worked. Though I agree that they were offended and hurt, I will confidently say that the larger part of the hurt was that they realised this was not a simple cartoon , that this was a calculated and deliberate bomb in their face, that is why they went bersek because Islam has replaced nationalism, Islam has become Islamic nationalism- does it make sense? It is equivalent to what many of you have been stating in the comment section that you feel hurt when you flag was burnt that is nationalism right ? Islam has become for many THE nation, and stirs deep feelings of nationalism, enough to go to war. Again it does not in any way excuse the torching of embassies or the death threats.

From the images on the Associated Press ( which are 481 up to now) we notice that the only ones bearing OFFENSIVE and THREATENING messages comes from those staged by our dear Muslims brothers in London ( and yes I am sarcastic when I say dear). Because dressing up as a suicide bomber to protest is not a bright idea especially in London; I'm glad the lunatic drug dealer was arrested. Now why was I being a tad sarcastic about our dear brothers in London? because although I don't wish to lay blame on others I would like to say that this whole mess was started by democratised Muslims in Europe ( of course let's not forget that is was after ample provocation by the free press) . Those Muslims in Europe ( the unsettled ones) have a different set of problems then the Muslims in the ME, they have not integrated, they have their own culture within a culture ( not just Islamic culture) and mix up a lot of things in the name of Islam including extremist feelings. I can understand the feelings of the Syrian protesters burning flags and even attacking an embassy, but not those cool placard carrying London Muslims whose messages were chilling. I've said it on many occasions but our Muslim non Arab brothers and particularly our Asian ones are a big problem ! We already have enough problem for a million lifetimes. So being caught between the anvil of the Asian Muslim extremists and the sledgehammer of the Saudi fundies is a nightmare of gigantic proportions. In addition the Western zealots are not a great help either :) if I may say so.

I must agree with Sandmonkey on this though "Now while the arab islamic population was going crazy over the outrage created by their government's media over these cartoons, their governments was benifitting from its people's distraction. The Saudi royal Family used it to distract its people from the outrage over the Hajj stampede. The Jordanian government used it to distract its people from their new minimum wage law demanded by their labor unions. The Syrian Government used it to create secterian division in Lebanon and change the focus on the Harriri murder. And, finally, the Egyptian government is using it to distract us while it passes through the new Judiciary reforms and Social Security Bill- which will cut over $300 million dollars in benefits to some of Egypt's poorest families".

And so I'm glad that the Libyan people from two measly lone staged protests here and here , and an initiative to boycott Danish products which we don't have that many anyway, have been largely reasonable about this whole process. Plus we only had 2 emails circulating and NO text messages yet ! Ok I'm not forgetting the decision to close the embassy but we already discussed that before right ? Anyway Libya has been more engrossed in the African mini-summit taking place here to try to diffuse the situation between Sudan and Chad, and which resulted in this declaration. On the whole things were pretty reasonable here :).

'Lo Allah Changeth not the condition of a folk until they (first) change that which is in their hearts' [Qur'an :Verse 10 Sura 13- Picktall translation 1997 , p .217].

In other words , only by taking their destiny into their own hands could Muslims ( or any freedom seeking people ) solve their problems and restore their dignity. This should be done by going back to pristine Islam and its pure principles and at the same time using all the tools of modern civil society provided to us by the West. I don't see any harm in that we have given to the world civilization, it is our turn to take from it to grow once again into a brilliant community- it's not like we lack the potential for that.

I'll conclude by a glimpse of what other Libyan bloggers said on this and which was not posted by me before :

Khadijateri : "while I don't believe that it's right to insult anyone's religious beliefs, I do believe that people should have the freedom to express themselves. Or to attend, or not attend a demonstration".

Tyenness: "I mean, if some freakish individuals feel this inescapable urge to prance around making faces and 'nanana' ing kindergarten fashion…well, let them. I don't see how anyone could take offense at something so pathetic.Abu Laban, the Danish Imam who first decided to make such an issue out of this, just exemplifies the extremist idiots jumping on the bandwagon. ".

Hanu: who linked to a great article "the clash to end all clashes" , and who also said "The thing was blown way out of proportion and was kept on the spotlight longer than it deserved".

The most graceful post and subtle post I've seen spawned by this issue must go though to Nura, who simply quoted from 'The Sunna of the beloved ' a book Dr. Khaled abu el-Fadl , a distinguished brilliant American lawyer and Islamic thinker, commissioned by President Bush.

Excerpts: " Permit me my Prophet, my own beloved Prophet, to tell you that I do not know you from the majestic debates of this Conference, I do not know you from the learned lectures of teachers, or from some infatuated delusional dream. No, I do not know you from the books full of sayings you reportedly said, and I even do not know you from all the reports about your life and about your likes and dislikes. I know you from a moment in time in which I fell in love with you. I know you because God taught you, praised you, and honored you. I know you because God comforted you, consoled you, and empowered you. I know you because God loved you. My Prophet, I know you through a heart that loves" . (Thank you Nura & Dr. Khaled for reminding us why we love Muhammad).

Now back to why am I grateful for the Jyllands- Posten ? simply because perhaps this crisis will spark another interfaith/intercultural dialogue which would be between peoples this time not the Vatican and Al-Azhar. I've seen you readers numerous in seeking answer. Maybe it would allow us all to understand the other a bit more, correct our mutual mistakes and misconceptions, educate not hesitate to ask questions and maybe learn that what is okay for us can be offensive for someone else, that is that my freedom ends where yours begins.

PS I hope I have covered most of what the readers have asked in the comment section I am grateful to all of you for participating and coming here, more specific and personalised replies to your qestions are all here - pls forgive the delay , but we had terrible weather ( Hattip -Khadijateri ) . So internet access was difficult for me; I hope you will come back even after this page in our history is turned, that would be the Silver Lining! Amin.


Highlander said...

The following is an attemtp at short specific personalised replies to your pertinent questions :

Non blogging anonymous,

"prohibitions of non-Muslim men to marry a Muslim girl (sad, I'm fond of Arab girls ;-))"

I'll make a post about that just for you and for a few other dear friends of mine. ok ?

I'm sure you will find a great nickname :) or are you now Georg? how about 'fond of arab girls' - I promise I won't feel offended !

Kjartan, MC, Muslim,Programmer_Craig, Georg , Curt from Houston,Slater,Mohamed,
Alan K, Twosret and all the various anonymouses you've made a lot of interesting points thank you !

Maria from bulgaria

why do you call yourself an infidel ? your comment will soon be dealt with in a post on its own. ok ?

Mohamed said...

Highlander, reading your blog gives me an enormous calming effect and hope for this world, which is the exact opposite to what I feel after reading other hate infested blogs.

Rudy Wellsand said...

I think you've got it right! I don't have animosity against other people, nor their faiths.

I know what I believe, and the reasons for it; and see that the Almighty is still in CONTROL, regardless of how and what we feel about others.

There will yet be some from every nation on Earth and reared in every faith, that will be with God either in this life or in death.

There are Bible CODES that YOU CAN READ RIGHT OUT OF YOUR OWN BIBLE, that CONTROL your Destiny.

See the "Chosen"Code and "Color" Code; VISIT: !
Save or Print it to study!

programmer craig said...

Great post, Highlander! I still maintain that those guilty of criminal acts must be punished, though, before this issue can be put to rest, or it can re-enter the domain of reasonable discussion. And I have 0 faith that the guilty will be punished. Either nobody will be punished, or some village idiots will be rounded up and scapegoated. It's always the same story, which is why the response to the cartoons had to have been pretty predictable.

Twosret said...


Welcome home Mohamed you are not alone.

Non-Blogging Anonymous said...

Highlander, it's still me, Georg is somebody else. A great post you had now on the issue. Yep, still interested in your comments on this prohibition of marriage and even more on the other points I made about the lack of religious freedom in the Arab world outside Saudi Arabia. Yes and I know the Quran prohibits these marriages, so you don't need to comment on that part - the point, however, is that in democratic countries the rules of a religion shouldn't affect the national legislation on this, i.e. in Denmark the state has nothing against a Christian man marrying a Muslim woman or a Muslim woman marrying a Hindu man or whatever.

Fond of Arab girls - no offence intended, on the contrary ;-). Hope I'll find one to marry :-).

Mohamed said...

Thanks Twosret, my only problem with highlander is that I almost agree with everything she says, leaving agreement as the only response ( I even couldn't find anything in Craig's opinions here to argue with him about :)).
Sandmonkey on the other hand leaves you with only two alternatives, either to shut up and start taking blood pressure medication or to respond just to get it of your chest, although I somehow generally agree with him on the cartoon issue, the problem is the sheer volume of people on his blog who'd jump to the opportunity and unleach an avalanche of their deep seated and uninhibited hate (la2 we 3amel feeha watany awy we 7atet el 3alam we far7an en masr kesbet shwayet afarca a'3lab men el '3olb, who are most likely along with their entire country are going to goto bed broken hearted tonight).
Highlander, isn't Michel Maulkin a true piece of work? What do you think Twosret.

programmer craig said...

Mohamed, I can say something offensive if that would help!? :D

Sandmonkey's blog has too much traffic these days for me to keep up anyway!

Twosret said...


First of all Mabrouk ya Masr :) I was so happy to hear the news that Egyptians (mainly muslims) won the African Cup for football. Something for those haters to think about when they generalize about us as terrorists. Most arab nations do care about sports and arts.

SOME of the crowd at Sandmonkey's blog are as fanatics as those who burn embassies and flags and throw death threats on others. I got used to them :) I didn't post there for a while because I disagree with the blogger himself this time, there is a huge gap between our thoughts and I don't think what I say will make a difference.

so let Freedumb ring ya Ragel and let us enjoy this blog for a change :)

The Sandmonkey said...

Aww, but I miss you guys! :(

Come back! Puleezzeeeeee?????

The traffic is winding down, I am no longer getting 50,000 hits a day, only 20000. There is room for everybody back there now.

programmer craig said...

NBA, I found some hot Saudi chicks for you, check it out!

Muslim Marriage & Matrimonial

I'm not sure the Quran really says that about muslim girls not being able to marry outside their religion, while the guys can. I've read the translations of the marraige rules and they look identical for men and women. Might be more of a cultural custom than a religious rule.

Non-Blogging Anonymous said...

Craig, what a lovely website you pointed me to LOL!!! Anyway, the question of me not being a Muslim remains here...

Highlander or any other Muslim here should know this exactly but my idea is that the Quran allows Muslim men to marry Jews and Christians but not vice versa. Maybe the book doesn't expressly deny Muslim women the right to marry a non-Muslim but it seems to me that this is the teaching.

The problem is not so much that of a religion restricting mixed marriages but a state, officially Islamic or not, imposing that religious prohibition (an example to the contrary is for example that gay marriages are legal in Catholic Spain!).

So that you wouldn't think I see this as an Islamic problem only, similar cases exist elsewhere. Zoroastrianism, for example, doesn't allow mixed marriages (now that they're a very tiny minority anywhere, this shouldn't be anywhere in legislation though). Another example is Israel where - if I'm right and if I'm not, please feel free to correct me -mixed marriages require a secular ceremony performed abroad while a ceremony for people of different (or no) faiths doesn't exist in Israel itself.

Yep, and before anyone else comments on this, I think not a single non-Muslim country allows its Muslim citizens or residents to follow Islamic rules of marriage, for example polygamy. A Muslim can of course regard this as discrimination.

By the way, what a calm atmosphere we have in the blogs nowadays... just some days ago this was all verbal war!!! Maybe I'll soon start missing the good old days on the front defending my idea of civilization LOL.

(still) NBA

programmer craig said...

Here's an Egyptian hottie who is Christian, and lives in Libya!

Back later to comment more about the cartoon thing :)

Non-Blogging Anonymous said...

I love this. We're turning Highlander's blog into a dating service. Hope we won't start receiving angry flames from all the female readers here.

Poor Egyptian Christian hottie. She doesn't understand I only match 1.5/4 of her criteria.

HEY AND ALL YOU FEMALE READERS, this is just kidding. Will from now on be back to spreading conflict, not love LOL.

programmer craig said...

I bet if you sent highlander a pic and a profile she'd post it on the blog for you :D

Hmmm... what were we talking about again? Mohamed, the violence still seems to be spreading, no? Although Iran seems to be using this as an issue to deflect attention from their current crisis with the nuclear issue. But still... attacking the Austrian and the French embassies!? I understand the outrage, I really do (I think!) but this apparrently irrational response... I don't think I'm ever going to be able to understand *that* - and I'm pretty sure I don't want to try! Mo, do you really think it's still possible for muslims to express non-violent outrage, after all that's happened? Doesn't that just serve to further fan the flames?

Twosret said...

The traffic is winding down, I am no longer getting 50,000 hits a day, only 20000. There is room for everybody back there now.

Oh! SM congrats! you will be the winner for the most hits on the blogsphere :)

Are you planning to run for CEO of the blog traffic?

you will be the cutest 3askary Meroor Wallahi :)

Puleeezzzeee try to attract better crowd :)

Twosret said...


I like you spreading love not conflict at least I'm off the hook :)

Craig, I'm watching you heheheee

Non-Blogging Anonymous said...

Twosret, perhaps we could be the perfect match. At least we've debated so much and in such a rude manner already that there probably wouldn't be anything more to argue about for the rest of our lives LOOOOOOL!


Highlander said...

Twosret ..come online if you are around now :)

NBA : Twosret is already spoken for ;)

More later

Twosret said...


I was born 1188 BC, How old are you? :)

Non-Blogging Anonymous said...

To put it diplomatically, I often feel I'd like to be somewhat younger than I am but compared to you I feel like a newborn.

And I thought Santa is old...


Mohamed said...

Craig, I think we've argued and disagreed enough that I can tell by now that every question or opinion you've got are out of a sincere desire to know and are in good faith and open mind, so don't worry bro, I won't get offended :).
Regarding SM, this guy was born with a keyboard fused to his hands, he posts something like 20 articles a day now that's it's really hard to follow and focus, so a piece of advice SM, be as provocative as you want, just post one or two items maximum per day.

Mohamed said...

Twosret, it's funny that you've mentioned generalizing us as terrorists, I was supposed to go out with some guys after the soccer/football game yesterday, but I had to cancel as a friend's father passed away in Beirut and I had to goto his house to offer my condolence, so when I told them I won't be able to make it and mentioned the reason, one of the guys (an American) asked me with all the innocence and seriousness in the world (I give you word he didn't mean anything malicious) whether the guy died due to a terrorist attack or what (I swear I'm not making this up?
The thing is that the guy who asked the question, isn't a hater, he's a really nice guy who wouldn't care less where I'm from.

Mad Canuck said...

Highlander: Another nice post... you have a good perspective on this whole issue I find.

Mohamed: I wouldn't take too much offense to your friend's misconception of Beirut. About the only image many Americans have of Beirut was from the protracted Lebanese civil war. Even now, referring to an area as "like Beirut" means it is the epitome of a bad area. Many people here would imagine Beirut as far worse than Baghdad, even if that is no longer the case.

AGRADA said...

I think this issue has been " Digested enough "..and thanx to you highlander for being civilized muslim blogger.

Actually I have a trend of not to mention, speak, and comment about two issues " Religion & Sex ".


I don't want to offend anybody " The Danish pedants should learn this "

Islam is civilized religion, although alot of muslims still not aware of this fact, and act wrong.

It's unfair for Islam to be represented by pre-Enlightenment and mythological minds..

Europens should realize that Islamic civilization had enlighten europe in the medieval ages.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure the Libyan in Denmark is telling the truth about how the cartoon war started? Here is another source:
"And it all began with Kare Bluitgen wanting to explain Islam to Danish children. Bluitgen, a jovial man in his mid-40s, is one of the Denmark's most successful authors of children's literature. Last summer it was made known that Bluitgen was having trouble finding an illustrator for his most recent book project: the life of the prophet Mohammed, told for children. Islam forbids representations of the prophet, but Denmark is a secular country and Bluitgen had the best of intentions. Nonetheless, the illustrators he approached were wary and turned him down...This cowardice prompted Flemming Rose, the culture editor of Denmark's biggest daily, Jyllands-Posten, to get involved. (Source:
Sounds much more plausible that the story of that Libyan in Denmark, doesn't it? She seems to be suffering from the usual good-Muslim paranoia, so the sooner she returns to Gaddafi's Paradise, the better for everybody.
Maya Markova, Sofia, Bulgaria

Anonymous said...

Are you sure the Libyan in Denmark is telling the truth about how the cartoon war started? Here is another source:
"And it all began with Kare Bluitgen wanting to explain Islam to Danish children. Bluitgen, a jovial man in his mid-40s, is one of the Denmark's most successful authors of children's literature. Last summer it was made known that Bluitgen was having trouble finding an illustrator for his most recent book project: the life of the prophet Mohammed, told for children. Islam forbids representations of the prophet, but Denmark is a secular country and Bluitgen had the best of intentions. Nonetheless, the illustrators he approached were wary and turned him down...This cowardice prompted Flemming Rose, the culture editor of Denmark's biggest daily, Jyllands-Posten, to get involved. (Source:
Sounds much more plausible that the story of that Libyan in Denmark, doesn't it? If she sees Denmark and Danes this way, the sooner she returns to Gaddafi's Paradise, the better for everybody.
Maya Markova, Sofia, Bulgaria

AlanK said...


just on your webpage, appears craig started dating service on your blog lol

also as for this issue, it does appear to be finally calming down, but the lessons from this are that this issue has been misinterpeted by just about anyone involved from beginning to end, some deliberately eg saudi arabia to cover up hajj tragedy and others, some not eg freedom of speech or anti-muslim racism

you had a good perspective on this issue

Twosret said...


You need to remember that I come with a lot of history LOL! You can google my name and find out more about me and what you can get yourself into LOL!


It is very sad that people use the word Terrorism that lightly thanks to Mr. Bush!

Twosret said...

Whoops! forgot to wish you guys all happy V.Day :)

Non-Blogging Anonymous said...

Twosret, you might have a lot of history behind you, I can't deny it. But in contemporary world it's the volume of information, not the historical depth which counts.

Just googled Twosret and found 634 links to you. After that I googled NBA and found approximately 74 900 000 LOL. So, I might be younger but I'm more popular...

Craig the dating guru, have you checked out That was promoted on Sandmonkey's blog.

Mohamed said...

Twosret, regarding the use of word terrorism lightly, read Fareed Zakaria's article on last week's newsweek, he's usually a classical uncle Tom, but he was surprisingly more objective in this article.

programmer craig said...


I can't get that site to load :O

I think they may be blocking Americans or something!?

Non-Blogging Anonymous said...

Craig, they are not merely blocking Americans. It's more than that, it's a worldwide conspiracy by Zionists and crusaders against you and Islam. Usually, they haven't targeted Americans but now it's your turn to assist them in diverting attention from the conspiracy. Ah, I'm not even following my own logic anymore...

Seriously, try again. It was OK for me one minute ago. Then, I'm not an American... It's worth a look, great sarcasm there!


Twosret said...


I promise to read the article. I always like your views so I can trust your taste in articles :)I wish you have a blog or you and NBA can hop on Skype and join our small community.


Hmmmmm....that is interesting but,since you go by volume I might as well try to guess how much you weigh?!

That will be fun. I'm currently on a trip but will keep an eye on you guys :)

Stay cool,

highlander said...

Hi Maria from Bulgaria:
Re. your comment about Safia the Lybian in Denmark, well I'm pleased to tell you she has joined the blogging community , please go and ask her the question you ask me I'm sure she will know better. I'm still working on your other stuff ok ..thanks for reading always .
Here is Safia's blog :

Non-Blogging Anonymous said...

Twosret, I don't go by volume, fan sites and other stuff telling about me do ;-).

Have a nice trip wherever you may roam!


matoko-chan said...

highlander, that is an excellent post.
i really agree with what you are saying.
i say so here.
i think this is a process, and we are making progress. ;)