Friday, February 24, 2006

Places in the heart - Lina

This is actress Olla Ghanem ( not as I wrote earlier Olla Ramy - sorry Mo it shows I'm so not up to date on the entertainment industry ;) ) and she plays Lina in this series.

She is a brunette but dyed her hair blond recently.


Mohamed said...

Are you sure that's Ola Ramy? When I was in Egypt, Ola Ramy wasn't even half as pretty, and dying her hair blond or green, she still didn't look even close to that.

Highlander said...

my bad Mohamed , thanks for bringing this up ..too many Olla's as actresses ..I corrected it in the post now by the way. It's Olla Ghanem :)

Roheet Shah said...


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Highlander said...

Roheet thanks for reading my blog I'm going to prepare a post about your topic and put it up here ok ?