Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Total Eclipse March 2006 - Libya: Hurry up !!!

According to this report , Libya is slowly becoming a prime tourist attraction, as it is “Libya aims to welcome ten million visitors per year compared with the current total of 300.000.”.
Hmmm I’m not sure I want to see that many tourists around as then Libya will never be the same. But the future seems to lie in diversification from reliance on oil, especially in view of the US President’s latest call to stop oil addiction.

One of the first great tourist events for this year will be the total eclipse of March 29th, and tourism agencies have a deadline of one week left only to get their act together , and visa processing has been speeded up immensely. So if you want to visit you better hurry as places have been quasi sold out on some cruises.

According to the The Libyan Center for Space Sciences and Remote Sensing “Libya’s total eclipse will last longer than other countries because of the fine weather and clear skies here, in addition to the location of monitoring center, which will be stationed in the desert.”

If my plan works I shall be watching it too in March.


AGRADA said...
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Highlander said...

good luck in your exam Agrada !

AGRADA said...

Which Exam ?! what are u talking about ?? :)

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Highlander said...

Hi Agrada, thanks for dropping bye, I assumed from one of the comments above that someone was talking about some exam in April...probably was a case of mistaken identity - ( comment seems to have been deleted now). Never mind it's not that important, probably a 'misunderstanding' ;). Cheers.