Saturday, February 25, 2006


The good folks over at the Maghreb Blog ( thanks Adib and Hannibal) have invited Highlander to be a member, and I accepted . However, I'm feeling really embarassed not to have written anything yet . I hope they would forgive me. It's not because I don't want to or am feeling lazy but only because I'm feeling inadequate. I mean it is a fantastic serious blog where I can't just rave and rant like I'm doing here . I need to participate with a good piece, well researched and well written , especially No typos and relevant toour beautiful Maghreb.

What is the Maghreb? Well "The Maghreb (المغرب العربي al-Maġrib al-Arabī; also rendered Maghrib or (uncommonly) Moghreb), meaning "western" in Arabic, is the region of Africa north of the Sahara Desert and west of the Nile — specifically, coinciding with the Atlas Mountains. Geopolitically, the area is reckoned to include Morocco, Western Sahara, Algeria, Tunisia, sometimes Libya, and rarely Mauritania. Apropos, the Arab Maghreb Union includes all of the territories listed above except, due to its political status, Western Sahara." ( source Wikipedia).

In their own words all the blog authors see side bar 'Auteurs' in the link here on the right say that : " est un blog collectif édité par des blogueurs maghrébins qui croient en le potentiel des blogs comme moyen de promotion des valeurs de tolérance, de fraternité, et de dialogue. se veut un espace de partage et de débats, et un pont de rapprochement des blogosphères maghrébines. "

Roughly translated : It is a collective blog , edited by bloggers from the Maghreb who believe in the potential of the blog as a tool of promotion of the values of tolerance, fraternity and dialogue. Maghreblo. net wishes to be a space for sharing and discussion and a bridge among the Maghrebian ( is that correct?) blogosphere . ( ok shaky translation but I'm sure you got the message) .

Please go see what is being discussed there as I'm sure you will find it a bridge not only between Maghrebians but also other cultures and other geographical areas , especially that they blog in Arabic, English, French and even Spanish. Bravo.


AGRADA said...


It's never Arbic Maghreb and will never be.

The basic failure of al-maghreb union to be established is because of the trivial attempts to link it to the Arabic region, I'd rather prefer to say the African Maghreb or North Africa..sounds authentic.

Ergo..North America is not called the English North America, or Europe called as the French it ?

Long live North Africa !!

adib said...

merci lonely pour ce delicieux billet!
tu es une blogeuse de qualité et tes posts sont tous de qualité!
il suffit de te lancer et de publier un premier billet, tout sera aprés tres facile!

Highlander said...

Merci pour l'encouragement Adib :)

Agrada, I always counted myself as African first..however I admit I'm an ardent pan -arabist too ;) - weird eh ?

AGRADA said...

i just tried to be dispassionate..well i can say The Maghreb or North Africa is Amazigh/Arabic/african blend..i'm so keen to see The Big Maghreb from Libya to mauritania under one flag.