Saturday, February 25, 2006

Microsoft in Libya : oops

On February 8, Microsoft's Vice President for Europe , ME and North Africa held a presentation at the Corinthia Bab Africa Hotel, Tripoli. Although I was one of the guests I did not make it as I had another appointment. But my friends relayed to me his speech. The main point is that 'Microsoft is coming to Libya'.

Of course we had Microsoft products before but we bought them from other countries, now it seems among other developments we could import them directly from Microsoft.

You know what I'm thinking? someone is going to get rich with the licencing fees etc...but the majority of Libyans will be loosing . Why ? because we will loose the ability to use the pirate and cracked copies of MS software which makes ordinary people able to afford computer technology here. I know that's not very ethical but yep I'm seing all those businesses going bankrupt as well , since I'm sure MS will crack down on enforcing copyright laws. *sigh*
Plus it was more fun before..;)


Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Microsoft has been in Bulgaria for years, but people continue to use pirate copies of programs. Not only individuals, there are government institutions where nobody has ever seen a legal copy of a program. I've heard that even Americans "steal" programs. So I guess the pirate programs in Libya will also have long and fruitful lives, despite the wish of Mr. Gates :).

Mitchell said...

Or Libyans can use Linux; perhaps the Ubuntu distribution, which comes from South Africa ;-)

A.Adam said...

I hate M$ windows I hope that there's someone in the same Block where I live can use linux for example and yes don't worry you can still use pirate copies,the latest MS Windows Defender beta2 you have to Validate your copy to install such program like this But I get over that now, ;)

highlander said...

He he he ...good good , thanks Maya, Mitchell and A.Adam..I see we all have a rebellious spirit ;)

Safia speaks said...

I know I am being politically incorrect...but I HATE Linux!

Once i installed a second Linux Mandrake partition on my portable PC - forgot that the boot sector was encrypted...and when I removed Linux again, the boot sector was ruined.

Then I could not start Windows because the boot sector had been encrypted and now was ruined. I had to throw the harddisk out and buy a new one, because the encryption was unbreakable. But since I had no backup, I tried to get at least some tiny bits of date from the harddisk - in vain.

I lost almost a year worth of manuscript.

Thank you, Linux!

(I know, I know...I am partially to blame myself. And I still use a Linux disk to crack Microsoft login passwords for Windows XP - that´s about the only use for Linux I can handle!)